Musical Melting Spanish Most Popular Tracks – Edition For 2018

If you are enthusiastic about most entertaining songs, then I suggest that you miss the Spanish tracks. The Spanish songs have got long kind of entertaining history due to its content and the rhythmic nature. The Spanish tracks have played a vital role in the development aspect of the western music. Due to this, it has drawn a significant influence on the Latin American music. In the year 2017, the Spanish tracks have considerably had a mark in the entertainment industry due to its most listened songs.

The 2017 summer had been made extremely interesting due to prominent Spanish countdown hits that were released. Spotify has gone down to research to identify the tracks that were on the top charts during this season. The tracks were classified and selected due to their excellent performance over a given duration of time. The most listened songs were on the top of the chart as the most popular songs.

In this research, the most famous song that had an impressive performance across the world was Luis Fonsi and Daddy Yankee with their hit . let’s look at the other popular list in the Spanish music industry.

Despacito” This song has been in the top of the billboard as an all-genre best summer song. It had an outstanding performance with everybody liking it. On the chart of the most popular 2017 summer songs, the song that followed was Malema’s Felices Los4″ and “Hey Dj” by CNCO featuring Yandel. These songs had a significant influence among many Spanish tracks diehards across the world.In the following list, we have listed down other favorite songs in the year 2017 with over 200 million streams of people worldwide.


Me Rehuso” by Danny Ocean.This song was famous among many individuals, in that it attained over 170 million streams.This enabled it to be the most famous song of the year 2017.

Escape Conmigo” by Wisin Featuring Ozuna.This track was among the top tracks on the chart.It had over 80 million streams.

Ahora Dice” by Chris Jeday Featuring J Balvin, Ozuna.According to Spotify research, this song had over 77 million streams, thus being among the most popular Spanish songs 2017.

Una Lady Como T’u” by Manuel Turizo.Also, this track had the attention of many people across the world.In consideration of streams, it had a total number of over 15 million streams.

No Vacancy” by OneRepublic also was classified as being among the most popular songs in the year 2017.It had a total of over 3 million streams.

Perv Mom – Big in Spain!

Perv Mom by Team Skeet

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The Spanish tracks have undebatable development in the entertainment industry worldwide. This genre of Spanish origin is fascinating with its instrumentation that is musical melting. If you have not yet listened to any Spanish track, the believe me you have missed a lot. Spanish tracks have got a long-standing influence across the world. What makes it more interesting, is the association of traditional styles like flamenco and the classical guitar. Lastly, I urge you that to promote your musical entertainment passion; then you should always have to enjoy Spanish tracks.