Musical instruments in Spain

There are a lot of vibrant cultures associated with the history of Spain. These cultures have over the years influenced the culture of Spain. The traditional music of Spain can be traced to Moorish music, Christian music, Jewish music and the Visigoths as well as the ancient Romans who were responsible for bringing Greek music to the country. The music of the Visigoths consisted of religious chants that are melodic. Over time, distinct sounds have been developed in Spain by the various areas. The sounds are created with the aid of some instruments that help to make the music interesting. Here are 5 of the most common musical instruments used in Spain.

Bongo Drums

This type of drum is made up of 2 drums. The smaller drum is known as the hembra while the bigger is drum known as the macho. A bridge is used to join the 2 drums together in the center. The history of the bongos could be traced to Cuba where it first existed in the 1800s. Drumsticks are not needed to play the drums, as only the hands are used to play it. The bongo could be played when it is sitting on a stand, so that it is easy for the player to move. It could also be placed between the legs of the musician. The traditional bongo drums beat is called marillo in Spanish language, which translates as hammer.


Accordion is also a very important musical instrument that is used in the Basque area of Spain. The 19th century saw Italy influencing the Basque area to using accordion. Trikitixa or hard sound is the name of the music produced when Basque music is accompanied with accordion. The according playing style in Basque music entails staccato triplets and rapid melodies. In modern times, Basque music is a combination of voice, tambourine and trikitixa.


Spain, Italy, Greece and Turkey are some of the Mediterranean countries where castanets have become a major part of their music. The small instruments that are held in the hand have been used to make music for several decades. It has also become a very popular Spanish instrument. Castana wood is traditionally used to make Castanets. Metallic versions of the instrument are also available. They comprise 2 cups, which have a one-sided dip that is slightly curved. A distinct sound is produced due to the drilling of the 2 cups. It is drilled in such a way that one of the cups produces a higher pitch than the other.

Flamenco guitar

It will be impossible to talk about musical instruments in France without talking about the toque or flamenco guitar, which originated from a small Southern Spain region – Andalusia. Melodies and charismatic rhythms are weaved together when the guitar is used. The playing style of the guitar was developed for accompanying music.

Musical instruments are a very important part of music, as only vocals cannot produce interesting music. Different areas have different instruments that are peculiar to them, which characterize their music. There are several musical instrument types in Spain. The most popular include the bongo drums, accordion, castanets and flamenco guitar.